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Are you a driven and ambitious millennial, eager to propel your career forward?

Ali Levin is your dedicated guide, offering an exclusive opportunity tailored for:

Millennial Trailblazers

Pursuing Promotions

You're unwavering in your determination to achieve significant career advancements, rejecting mediocrity for excellence.

Committed to Success

You strategically invest your time, energy, and resources to secure the success you rightfully deserve.

Breaking Through Boundaries

Overcoming gender bias and workplace obstacles is your unyielding mission, and you recognize that expert guidance could make all the difference.

This exclusive session with Ali is reserved for individuals like you, who are dedicated to their growth, embody a go-getter spirit, and highly value the guidance of a mentor. In addition to gaining invaluable insights and strategies, this is your opportunity to explore working directly with Ali, benefiting from her expertise, and discovering how she can support your professional journey.

Before booking your session, please take a moment to review the criteria below:


Our Career Advancement Sessions are best suited for individuals who are somewhat further along in their career journey. We recommend having at least 5 years of professional experience.


This session is ideal for those actively pursuing career advancements, seeking to overcome specific challenges, and fully committed to their personal and professional growth.


Please consider your financial resources for career development. Our coaching programs may involve investments in your career advancement.

If you meet these criteria and are prepared to embark on a transformative journey with Ali, please proceed to book your session. If not, we encourage you to explore our valuable resources and consider reapplying when your circumstances align more closely with our program's goals.

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