Get clear and find your purpose


How our systems hold women back


Cultivate your network


Align your mind, body and heart


Train for a marathon, not a sprint

CLEAR: The Taster

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In the Taster, you will:

  • Get clear on your desired future and discover what’s in your way
  • Learn why gender balance matters and how to get there
  • Build your entourage and ask for their support
  • Develop awareness of the mind, heart, and body connection
  • Reframe negative thinking to stay focused

What's Inside

Guided Videos

Five instructional videos to help you get CLEAR on your career. Each video offers guided, reflective coaching exercises. 

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35+ Workbook Pages

An interactive workbook that include copies of the slides, hyperlinks to articles, and multiple coaching exercises.

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Career programs are expensive, and I want to see more women leaders.

As an Oxford educated, trained and accredited coach who spent 10 years practicing law and 15 years coaching executives, I know who gets ahead and how. I want to help you, and this Taster program is the most affordable way I know how. 

Let’s get to work!

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"Working with Ali is one of the best career moves I’ve made. After only 3 sessions, she helped me realize I wanted to change my career.  Most importantly, Ali showed me how I can unapologetically believe in myself and own my journey."

Ola Sendecka

Head of Engineering, Sellers, Depop

"Through these courses, I refined my career vision and was equipped with tangible actions to make that vision a reality. The live coaching calls with Ali were invaluable! They reinforced the value of each lesson and kept me accountable to advocate for myself each week. No matter where you are, this course will help you articulate goals that align with your values, and provide tangible steps to make them happen."

Carly Owens

"Ali’s leadership coaching has been nothing short of career defining for me. I really believe that Ali's coaching played a huge part in securing the dream role I am now working."

Vivienne Sung

Product, Bumble

Frequently Asked Questions

Enroll Today for Only


  • Lifetime Access
  • Guided Video Lessons
  • Customized Workbook
  • A "taste" of my Career Program
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Meet Ali

I’m Ali, a former lawyer, seasoned executive coach, and leadership development expert.

I’ve spent the last 15 years of my career coaching leaders and executives at some of the biggest and most established firms in the world and at some of the fastest growing startups. And do you know what that looked like? A lot of men.

As a former labor and employment partner, I've worked at large international law firms and I’ve seen firsthand how women have been passed over for promotions and major assignments.

That changes now.

Let’s work together to fill more leadership positions with women.

I created these coaching programs because coaching is expensive.  My corporate clients pay over $1,000 per session and $5,000 per day to work with their teams.  That is simply more than most individuals can afford.  

In these coaching programs, I put everything I know about career growth in one place and at an affordable rate for one purpose -- to help more women get ahead.

A word of caution.  I’ve done every coaching exercise in this course.  Once I made my way through the exercises, I knew that almost everything about my life had to change. 

I coach you how to talk about what you want in a way that works, how to build the relationships you will need to make your vision a reality, and how to cultivate the courage to keep going.  It isn’t easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.  

The world needs more women leaders.  If you are ready to discover the contribution you are here to make, I am here to help you.

As with any coaching program, how you advance in your career may vary from these testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables including your level of effort, personal qualities, the business environment in which you are working, and a host of other factors.  Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, income level or promotion, nor are we responsible for your success or failure.  We believe that we are providing you with great tools to achieve your desired results and the people I’ve coached agree.