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Work With Ali


In addition to Coach Ali Levin’s signature program, CLEAR, Ali supports leaders primarily in hyper-growth tech companies as well as partners in professional services firms through coaching and developmental programs designed for leaders, mentors, and women.


As a Certified Forum Facilitator, Ali works with YPO forums to help deepen their connection, establish or revisit norms and forum fundamentals, guide them through powerful and experiential exercises, and help forums struggling with conflict or inertia. She has led hundreds of YPO events across the globe including Forum Fundamentals, Moderator Training, Forum Stir-Fry, and transformational retreats.


Corporate Retreats

Bring Ali in to lead your next training session. Past session topics have included: developing leadership styles, practicing effective feedback and delegation, establishing team norms, overcoming the imposter phenomenon, developing the vision, values and purpose, and creating psychological safety within leadership teams. Ali also designs, directs and teaches on bespoke leadership development programs for established organizations ready to invest in holistically developing its leaders.

Corporate Coaching

Ali works with leaders, managers and teams to achieve their business objectives while building their personal and professional capabilities. Her interactive approach turns insight into action by navigating complex organizations, developing trust, and building high performance teams. Ali also coaches women and supports organizations that are committed to creating cultures of diversity, inclusion and belonging. Coach Ali Levin’s signature group coaching program, CLEAR, is also available for corporate licensing.

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"My leadership style truly developed aftering working with Ali over the last 18 months. She also did incredible work with my team, helping us to identify the best way to work together. Due to Ali’s coaching we were able to build stronger relationships and communicate clearly to avoid conflict."

Stephanie Richardson Dreyer

Engineering Director for Payments Core
Payoneer Merchant Services

"Working with Ali is one of the best career moves I’ve made. After only 3 sessions, she helped me realize I wanted to change my career. Ali coached me through tricky, energy-draining situations, and prepared me to be effective in an industry that doesn’t favor women. But most importantly, she showed me how to unapologetically believe in myself and own my journey."

Ola Sendecka

Head of Engineering, Depop

"Ali was an amazing facilitator for our YPO forum retreat. Her extensive knowledge, balance of reflection and targeted insights allowed our forum to go to a deeper level. Ali’s ability to read and coach executive leaders is absolutely masterful."

Elise Buik

President & CEO, United Way of Greater Los Angeles


I’m Ali, a former lawyer, seasoned executive coach, and leadership development expert.

I’ve spent the last 15 years of my career coaching leaders and executives at some of the biggest and most established firms in the world, and at some of the fastest growing startups. And do you know what that looks like? A lot of men.

As a former labor and employment partner, I've worked at large international law firms and I’ve seen firsthand how women have been passed over for promotions and major assignments.

That changes now.

Let’s work together to fill more leadership positions with women.

As with any coaching program, how you advance in your career may vary from these testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables including your level of effort, personal qualities, the business environment in which you are working, and a host of other factors.  Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, income level or promotion, nor are we responsible for your success or failure.  We believe that we are providing you with great tools to achieve your desired results and the people I’ve coached agree.